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Fresh fruits from the Alten Land

Together with our partner companies, we build on more than 1,000 hectares all year round a variety of stone and pome fruits. Convince yourself of the quality of our products.





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From cultivation to sale, we are your partner for fresh fruit

Fruit Cultivation

With more than 120 years of experience, crunchy fruit from integrated cultivation is grown and harvested in our fruit farm. Whether fruit for chain stores, wholesalers, weekly markets and retailers - taste and quality are what count for us.


With our modern sorters, we sort apples very precisely according to color and size. The use of waterways also ensures particularly gentle handling of the fruit during sorting.


To ensure that our fruit remains crunchy and fresh after harvesting, we store it in cold storage rooms at different temperatures. We take great care to ensure that each type of fruit is stored under ideal climatic conditions until delivery.


To protect the fruits, our products are stored and transported in special packaging. In this process, the goods are packed and labeled according to the customer's requirements. Nets, cartons or other packaging are used as desired.

Service Commissioning

For customers with multiple locations, we pick the desired goods for each store and assemble suitable pallets. This way, the pallets only need to be distributed to the related stores.


With our own trucks, we deliver our goods safely and reliably on time throughout Germany and Europe. Our trucks are equipped with modern cooling systems so that the goods arrive particularly fresh at your door.

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